Spin: Deploying Edge Services with Docker at NERSC

Scientific research projects now routinely depend on science gateways, workflow managers, databases, API endpoints, and other network services that exist on the “edge” of conventional HPC systems, leveraging the resources inside. Building these services and providing the operational infrastructure and support to make them reliable enough for modern workflows presents challenges for both research teams and facility managers. By leveraging Docker container technology, the Spin platform at NERSC provides a robust platform for edge services that gives software developers the flexibility and versatility to operate their own edge services while at the same time minimizing operational overheads for NERSC staff. This talk will describe Spin’s architecture and provide overviews of several production services currently deployed.

Location: Cumberland Amphitheatre Date: August 29, 2019 Time: 10:45 am - 11:15 am Cory Snavely (LBNL)