Smokey Mountain Conference

Computational Sciences and Engineering Conference


September 16-19, 2024


Knoxville, Tennessee

Smoky Mountains Computational Sciences & Engineering Conference

Accelerating science and engineering discoveries through advanced technologies and integrated research infrastructures for experiments, machine learning/AI, and modeling and simulation.

Updates SMC

The dates of the conference will be September 16 – 19, 2024. We will still hold our full conference program with a keynote and four sessions with presentations from invited presenters. We will also include talks from our SMCDC Trustworthy AI for Science Essay Contest’s finalists. All talks will be recorded and posted on our virtual conference site so that people in non-U.S. time zones can view them more easily. The website will be updated with the new agenda soon.


      Session 1. Challenges and Solutions in Novel Emerging Application Spaces
        Session chairs – Heidi Hanson and Kathleen Hamilton
      Session 2: Scientific Methods for Advanced Technologies and Integrated Research Infrastructures
        Session chairs – Ayana Ghosh and Rick Archibald
      Session 3: Systems and Software Advances Enabling an Integrated Science and Engineering Ecosystem
        Session chairs – Keita Teranasi and Mariam Kiran
      Session 4: Exascale Accomplished! What's next? The Challenges of Deploying HPC Systems in the Radically Diverging Post-Exascale World
        Session chairs – Chris Zimmer and Feiyi Wang

Marriott Knoxville Downtown