Poster Session

Welcome to the SMC2020 Poster Session Page

On Thursday, August 27th, at 4:30 pm, please follow the zoom link on the agenda to the designated general session room.  All poster presenters will gather in the general session room to present their poster continuously (one after another), attendees will have the chance to ask one or two questions following each presentation, after the last presentation, the poster presenters and moderator (s) will move to one of the designated Q&A rooms below for an extended Q&A session.  After the general sessions, presenters will join the Q&A room in the row where their names and poster are listed below.

Poster materials will be posted on this page starting on the first day of the conference. Poster presenters will be available for a virtual discussion during the general and Q&A session, Thursday, August 27th, from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm. A list of presenters is below – join their Q&A room after the general session presentation by following the links below. The general session will begin promptly at 4:30 pm.

Enter the general session here which begins at 4:30 pm on Thursday, August 27th after the general session Q&A will move to the rooms below:

Q&A Room Speaker Organization Presentation Title 
Room 1 Harry Waugh University of Bristol On the Use of BLAS Libraries in Modern Scientific Codes at Scale
Room 1 Kwai Wong University of Tennessee Integrating Deep Learning in Domain Sciences at Exascale
Room 2  William Godoy Oak Ridge National Laboratory Performance Improvements on SNS and HFIR Instrument Data Reduction Workflows Using Mantid
Room 2  Dave Pugmire  Oak Ridge National Laboratory Visualization as a Service for Scientific Data, , Senior Scientist
Room 3 Mathieu Doucet Oak Ridge National Laboratory From Smart Homes to Smart Laboratories: Connected Instruments for Materials Science
Room 3 Michael Churchill Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory  Machine Learning for the Complex, Multi-scale Datasets in Fusion Energy
Room 4 Zahara Ronaghi and Hao Lu NVIDIA Performance Evaluation of Python-based Scalable Analytics Frameworks in SUMMIT: Early Experiences
Room 4 Jay Lofstead Sandia National Laboratories Memory vs. Storage Software and Hardware: The Shifting Landscape
Room 5 Ron Brightwell Sandia National Laboratory ALAMO: Autonomous Lightweight Allocation, Management, and Optimization
Room 5 Kathlyn Boudwin Oak Ridge National Laboratory Navigating the Road to Successfully Manage a Large-Scale Research and Development Project